Monday, February 23, 2009

Oliver Panic/Oscars/An amazing play...

HDT had his flip-out a week early.

The show is a week from this Friday. Hell-week starts a week from today. And we are soooooo not ready.

Today's rehearsal was scheduled from 3:30-5:30, Run of Act I. In two hours, we got through 5 scenes. When we should have gotten through 8. We started at the top of Act I, and, surprise surprise, Mr. Bumble was not there again (although he wasn't in school so there's a chance he may have been sick...) and HDT was pissed. I have only done those scenes with Mr. Bumble about 3 times, so it is really bad that we didn't get to do it today. Also, before that, "Food, Glorious Food" was apparently a disaster (I couldn't watch from backstage.)

Then, after the funeral-home scenes (which went pretty well) we did "Consider Yourself." It was a catastrophe. We forgot our blocking, our music, we weren't acting at all because we were panicking about our blocking and music. We did the entire thing three times and it never got any better. But HDT didn't officially flip-out until the next scene: "Pick A Pocket Or Two."

Also a catastrophe. HDT actually said the words "You Suck! This is the worst I group I have seen in eight years!" I am honestly not sure whether that was true or just a scare tactic. I mean, don't get me wrong, we were awful, but still. We always pull it together at the last minute. But it's never been this bad. Plus, I have to say, my friends and I think that HDT is partially to blame in this case. Normally, we start rehearsing during December and we have our scripts so we can study lines over Christmas Break. But this time, we just started in January, meaning we were trying to pull of this entire show in two months. Plus, we had an entire week off of school last week, and that was valuble rehearsal time just going out the window.

So, my friends and I are going to try to organize some rehearsals outside of school. Just because we need them sooooo much!

In much happier news, the Oscars were amazing last night. I was so happy about all of the "Slumdog Millionaire" awards (BEST PICTURE!!!! WOOO-HOOO!!!!) and I was thrilled for Heath Ledger's Best Supporting Actor Award. Also, I was sobbing during the acceptance speech of Dustin Lance Black for Best Original Screenplay. Please observe:

I'm so glad this movie did so well, and congratulations Sean Penn!

It was a great night (and who saw Hugh Jackman's "Oscars of The Recession" musical number??? Hi-fricking-larious)

And, finally, I would like to include a very brief anecdote of something I forgot to mention over the past few weeks. On Saturday, I saw a local production of the play "Bent." For those of you who aren't familiar with the play, it tells a tragic story that hilights the horrible persecution of gay people during the holocaust. I went to see it because my best friend Troy was a violinist in it (all original music by a local student musician) and he was amazing. But, as a whole, the play was extremely difficult to watch. There were some very intense, heart-breaking moments, but production wise, it was a beautiful show.

Saturday was my third time seeing it. I think I'm in need of some therapy...

So, on those many notes, I ask you only this: Wish the cast of "Oliver!" luck that HDT doesn't murder all of us before the end of this week...


Magdalene6127 said...

You do not suck. For the record.

And that acceptance speech made me weep.

And you rock. You'll all pull it together. You always do.

LittleMary said...

you do rock!!! good luck!

Josie said...

Dude, I can relate to this. Seriously. Hell Week Wed.= crap for a show; Hell Week Thurs.= awesome show! But that's what's supposed to happen, you know?? As Magdalene said, you'll get it together. I may not know you, but I DO know the theatre world!!