Thursday, February 19, 2009

To Do List (MUST BE DONE SOON!!!):

1) Finish Reading Assignment for English Paper BEFORE End of Break:
Well, I'm half-way there! My next English paper (from the AP English Class from HELL) is about the wealthy class. You see, my teacher is trying to raise an army of young socialists, so all of our reading/writing assignments this year have been about money and class structures and other political topics. (Okay, I was exaggerating about the socialist thing, but she is extremely liberal and not afraid to show it!!!) Our first big assignment was to read and annotate a 60+ page packet made up of New York Times articles about money.
Oh, and I forgot to mention that my English teacher has chemical sensitivity issues that cause her to have big reactions to perfumes, colognes, hair-products, paint, citrus, engine exhaust, air, nature and pretty much anything else that has a scent. Because of this, she is out of school for long periods of time. When this happened at the beginning of the school year and our substitute neglected to give us our homework assignments, Devil-Teacher decided to solve this problem by assigning 30 pages of annotations in ONE NIGHT. Worst night ever.
So, right now I'm reading "The Sky's the Limit" by Steven Gaines, which is about wealthy people and expensive apartments in Manhattan. It's not quite as tedious to read as some of the other assignments I've had (The only reading assignment in this class that I have actually legitimately enjoyed was "How Starbucks Saved My Life") but it's not exactly a page turner.
One other fun little tidbit about this assignment: The paper on this book is due during hell-week. So I have firmly decided to at the very least finish reading the book before next Monday, so that I can write the paper the following weekend. *Crosses fingers in hopes of this goal actually being accomplished.*

2) Get Completely Off-Book for "Oliver!" BEFORE End Of Break:
Check! Well, sort of check. All of my actual lines are memorized, I just need to learn the music a bit better. Plus, due to a lack of a Mr. Bumble at rehearsals, it's quite difficult to remember the blocking when I'm not used to doing it with another person. Plus, HDT finally gave us the ultimatum of "get off-book before next week so we can make sure this show doesn't suck." And I think that I am closer to that goal than several people in the cast are (namely Fagin, Mr. Bumble and The Artful Doger.) So this coming rehearsal week will be very interesting, I'm sure...

3) See More Oscar Nominated Films BEFORE Oscars:
Um, not gonna happen. I've only seen a few of them so far. I'm so excited that the Oscars are coming up and I usually want to see the big nominees so I can legitimately cheer for my favorites, but so far I've only seen a few.
By the way, is anyone else totally SHOCKED that Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the film TROPIC THUNDER???? I mean, don't get me wrong, he is one of my favorite actors, and I thought he was amazing in Tropic Thunder, but.... OH MY GOD! If he was going to be nominated for anything, I assumed it would have been Iron Man. Apparently I was wrong...

4) Get Hell-Week Assignments From Teachers BEFORE Hell-Week:
Okay, this one is going to have to be done once I'm back in school, but it's still vitally important. The schedule of rehearsals for hell-week is all 6:00-9:00 or 7:00-10:00. And one of the great traditions for this point in rehearsals is to stay through from the end of the school day until rehearsal. That way, we can do our homework at the school (while teachers are there for assistance if necessary) and get dinner with the cast. This is really the more time-efficient solution because most of us have other after-school activities anyways, so it's easier just to stay. We also had a tradition last year of getting cake from the local bakery for the long dress rehearsals, but recently said bakery closed. :'(
So, because of the difficult hell-week coming up (March 2-6) I have promised myself that the week before hell-week, I will see my teachers, get any big assignments and do them early. *Keeps fingers crossed from earlier paragraph* This will probably be mainly for AP English assignments (because of all the heavy reading) and Chemistry (because of the lab reports.) My homework for Math, French and Global is generally just problems from a textbook or a worksheet, so it won't be too hard. And my Music Theory teacher has given us homework exactly twice this whole year, and both times it was also a simple worksheet.

So. These upcoming weeks will be very difficult. But still tons of fun.
I hope...
*Crossed fingers starting to turn purple*

(How does one type with crossed fingers you may ask? Well, I've been blessed with many unusual, useless talents... You know, like Demetri Martin...)

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Magdalene6127 said...

Well, I approve of Devil-Teacher's project (re: the army of young socialists). But I do wish she had you reading more, oh, literature is what I believe they call it. For instance, one could learn about poverty in 19th century England by reading Dickens... just about any novel touches on it. Oliver Twist is a splendid example.

Ah well. Good luck dearie!