Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Oliver Chronicles: Installment One - The First Rehearsal

My new thing that I will be doing: Regular updates on the progress of the STHS production of "Oliver." I figured since the title of this blog has the words "Drama Student" in it (referring to me) I might actually post some stuff about.... well...... Drama and Theater and stuff.

So. First Rehearsal:
Me and my friends entered the auditorium at STHS to await the start of the rehearsal. We all have somewhat supporting roles, and we got our scripts yesterday, so (being the enormous geeks that we are) we all read through our lines/songs several times ahead of time in preparation for this rehearsal. We all knew that what was scheduled was Act One-I ("Food, Glorious Food" and "Oliver!"), Act One-II ("I Shall Scream") and Act One-III ("That's your funeral"). However, what was not scheduled was the half-hour introduction speech by HDT explaining the basics of the show (rehearsal schedules, what "blocking" means, contact info, what to do in the event of a snowday, etc.) So, after that, he began blocking "Food." After completing about 2 pages of that song, he realized he had run out of time for that part of the rehearsal, and he moved on to "I Shall Scream," along with the dialogue that precedes it.

The blocking is quite amusing (albeit a little awkward) and involves lots of being chased around the stage and falling on the floor and other comical movements. It will definitely take some getting used to (once we do some more in depth work on that scene I will fill you in with more detail.)

Oh, and by the way, since the boy who will be playing Mr. Bumble (whose name shall from now on be "Dickon," because the first show I did with him was a crap-a-licious middle school production of "The Secret Garden") was not at the rehearsal. Because of this, I did the entire scene with HDT playing his part.

Remember what "HDT" stands for?

After that scene was over, HDT worked with Troy and "Mrs. Sowerberry" on the scene preceding the song "That's Your Funeral," and then we were dismissed.

So, this years musical production is off to a roaring start, and we are all very excited about it!

New updates coming soon!


Magdalene6127 said...


that was good.

Miss Denise said...

Seems like your first rehearsal went well and you're excited for this play! Good luck with it. Keep us updated!