Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh Joy, Oh Rapture, Unforseen!!!

It turns out that yesterday at school, all of my teachers (but one) decided to have hearts and let us watch the inauguration after about 10 minutes of work. I was soooooooo happy!
I started to get a bit worried when I found out that at the time of Obama's actual speech and swearing in, I was scheduled to be in Gym class. I was upset that I might not get to witness the big moment!!! But then, when one of my friends and I asked the gym teacher for passes to go watch it, he just said "Oh, go wait by the locker rooms and we'll take the entire class down to see it!"
It was an incredible moment. The auditorium was packed with students and teachers (and I still managed to snag a seat in the front row!!!) The speech was amazing. The music was amazing.

This was just the best day ever.

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