Monday, January 5, 2009

Best musical ever!!!! And best movie ever!!!!!!!

Okay, I got back from the city yesterday, after seeing South Pacific. I honestly have to say that this might be one of my favorite shows I have ever seen on Broadway. Of course, i don't really have a single favorite, because there were so many amazing ones, but the top five that are all tied for first place are South Pacific, Spring Awakening, Wicked, Company and Spamalot. Unfortunately, all of those other shows are either closed or closing. *Sad face.*

So, when I went to see this show, I really didn't remember the premise of the musical at all. I could only recall (somewhat) the refrains of "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair" and "There's nothing like a dame." And of course the fact that it was by Rogers and Hammerstein, which guaranteed several cheesy, peppy musical numbers, but also some sort of serious plot element. When I saw it however, I found, along with the expected musical numbers, several darker elements that I did not see coming (at ALL) and that even Guinevere (who played the piano in her high school production of this play) hadn't caught on to when she knew the show originally.

Another thing that I found surprising was how interesting I found the music to be (considering it is Rodgers and Hammerstein and all...) Generally, even though I love their music, I have always found it to be extremely predictable and a bit boring at times. However, between the "Bali Hai" theme and "This nearly was mine" I was particularly amazed, both by the music itself and the singers ("Bali Hai" was sung by Loretta Ables Sayre as Bloody Mary, and she has an AMAZING VOICE, and she is an amazing actress; "This nearly was mine" was sung by David Pittsinger as Emile de Becque, who I found out was an opera star, as opposed to Broadway, and he has one of the most gorgeous voices I have ever heard.)

Of course, aside from the show itself, the production was absolutely flawless. The major dance numbers were amazing, the set design was amazing, all of the performers were amazing (particularly the once I referred to before, as well as Kelli O'Hara, playing Nellie, and Matthew Morrison, playing Lt. Cable.)

Like I said, one of my top five at least.

So, the day after the show, Rev. Guinevere, Mr. Baker and I went to one of the best, biggest movie theaters I have ever been in and caught a morning movie (10:30 A.M.! How about that?)

The movie we saw: Slumdog Millionaire. Definitely n my top five list also (but this time my top five favorite movies: Slumdog Millionaire, Juno, All About Eve, Darjeeling Limited, and Little Miss Sunshine. Again, no order.)

now, I don't know if the film will even be released in every city, but for those of you who happen to live in an area where it is playing pr live within a few hours of an area where it is playing, let me advise you thus:

GO SEE IT!!!!!

There are really no words to describe how incredible this movie is. Seriously. All I can tell you is that, even though it's not a very mainstream movie, I will not be satisfied if it doesn't make an appearance at the Oscars.

So. Go see it. Right now.

I have had a most fabulous weekend, and a most fabulous break. And now, back to school.....


Miss Denise said...

Happy New Year! City as in NYC? I've never seen a Broadway show but I've been dying to. I tried to catch one when I was in NYC in October but the shoes were sold out. The show sounds incredible! I hope I'm able to attend one someday! :)

LittleMary said...

you are right. slumdog is unbelievable. just amazing. sorry i missed you this weekend!

Magdalene6127 said...

Wasn't it fab? I'm glad you loved it, you.