Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where are you Christmas Vacation?

Mr. Baker is home. Huzzah!!! (Eew, did I seriously just say "huzzah"? Well who cares. I'm happy.)

Now that he is home and I've been doing Christmas shopping and stuff (although because of traffic problems and crowded stores, I got an atrocious amount of nothing-ness done where shopping is concerned) my mind is totally in vacation mode right now. Even though...

A) I still have school for two more days (Yea, it doth suck mightily).

B) I still have homework to hand in on those two days, and because my teachers insist on treating us like "mature, capable students" (who are they kidding) we will probably have mounds of homework over the break.

C) I am still hoping and waiting and agonizing over the cast list not being out yet!!! I know it just sounds like I am whining at this point, but honestly I am in sp much suspense that I need to vent somewhere. I have tried venting to my friends but they are all like "Girl, you don't have to worry! You've had leads in the past two shows! You KNOW you're going to have one this time." But honestly, I just don't know. Plus, today at my voice lesson, my teacher asked how the audition went and I told her I felt like it went well. Then, she said this: "So, I know that Sally [one of the most talented singers/actresses in our school] is your main competitor for one of the female parts in Oliver, but other than her, who would you say is your main competition?" In my head I was like "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!? Now that I am completely freaking out here, you want me to give you a list of who is likely to get a lead? Who I'm competing with???" Honestly, I hate thinking about it like that. These people are my best friends and even though we might be considered for the same type of role(s), I try my hardest not to think of it as though I am competing with them. That just makes me seem b*tchy (pardon my language.) So I just told her that I thought a lot of the girls seemed really confident and talented and none of us have any idea how the list will turn out.

And D) I have to learn a song in about, well a day to sing at a church service tomorrow night. I love the song and I am sooo happy to be singing it, but I had to go over it with my voice teacher today and it pretty much used up my entire lesson. I really REALLY hope I can practice it again before tomorrow! You might know it. Here's the music video (My voice teacher has been trying to get me to be less Cindy-Lou Who and more Faith Hill with it):

But yes. In the big scheme of things* my mind isn't really on these things all the time. Right now I'm just thinking about the holidays and vacation and not being in school and not having homework and not being in a show for a couple of weeks. I think this vacation will be a very VERY good one.

*(By the way, this was just a little shout out to my seventh grade social studies teacher, "Mr. Washington." "In the big scheme of things" was practically his catch phrase. My friends and I used to keep tallies in our notebooks of how many times he said it in each class period. I believe the record was 13 times in one 38 minute class. I miss you Mr. Washington!)

Don't worry bloggers. Tomorrow will be my weekly blurb, so for once I won't be rambling on and on about the random thoughts that occur in my head (which probably aren't nearly as interesting to you as they are to me.)

Tomorrow's Blurb Topic: Review of the movie "MAMMA MIA!" Stay tuned!

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