Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're so sorry we've been gone, we've been busy writing songs for you...

Sorry if the plural pronouns were confusing. A gold star goes to anyone who can name that band/song! (Well, a metaphorical gold star I mean. I don't have any real ones...)

Anyhoo, due to busy busy holiday plans and voyages to far-off places where not even high-speed internet could find me (a.k.a. New Jersey) I have not posted in quite a few days (and I am short exactly one interesting blurb. Yeeshk!)

So, what has happened since I last wrote...

1) Rev. Guinevere threw a fabulous holiday party for the staff of her church, including fabulous holiday food, fabulous indie-holiday music and general fabulousness aplenty. Well done, Rev. Fezziwig. Well done.

2) Mr. Baker and I accompanied Rev. Guinevere to New Jersey to spend a couple of days with Grandpa-Guinevere, Aunt Cowgirl and Cousins Cowgirl (age 13) and Cowboy (age 10). Oh, and we were also graced by the presence of Mr. Baker's brand new acoustic guitar, whom he has appropriately named FDR. Lucky us. Don't get me wrong, he is an AMAZING guitar player, but when he brings a guitar somewhere he suffers from a condition which causes the instrument to be permanently glued to his hands so that he has no choice but to play music 24/7. Tragically, there is no cure. Oh and in case you were wondering, our family does have a habit of naming inanimate objects that are near and dear to our hearts (Mr. Baker's electric guitar - Winston Churchhill; Rev. Guinevere's old Volvo - Gwyneth; My acoustic guitar - Iolanthe.)

3) I dyed my hair. Today actually. I'm quite excited about it. It used to be medium brown with artificial blonde highlights. Now it's auburn. Holy Crap!

Well, that's about it.

Things to look forward to:
1) Downtown Small Town's annual New Year's festivities tomorrow night!!!
2) Seeing South Pacific on Broadway next weekend!!!! (One of my 16th birthday presents from Rev. Guinevere)
3) Sleep that is not in a moving vehicle.
4) My friends' reactions to seeing my new hair via facebook/myspace/text messages.
6) School next week
7) Never mind. Please disregard number six

Coming soon to this blog: A Blurb!

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Magdalene6127 said...

I know the answer... but that's because you told me...

It was great being with you at GG's.