Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Review Time: Twilight ***SPOILER ALERT!!!***

Okay, so in order to keep peoples interest and not just spend all of my posts rambling about the ongoings of my life, I have decided to actually do a little weekly thingy about some movie/show/music/something-or-other in the world outside my strange little brain. This week's topic: Twilight.

If you have looked at my profile than you know that I like Twilight (please don't throw things at me yet...) HOWEVER!!! I am NOT absolutely and completely obsessed with it to a point where I think that the characters are real people and send creepy stalker notes to Robert Pattinson. I think that stuff is a waste of time. The only place that will get my is in weekly therapy with a restraining order.

I just happen to think that the books are really good, the movie was fun, the soundtrack is PHENOMINAL and yes. Edward is quite gorgeous. That is all.

However, for all of you out there who do like/love the entire Twilight franchise, then here are some of my basic feelings on certain debates concerning...well...Twilight.

Book vs. Movie?
I loved them both. I was glad that the movie was faithful to the book plot-wise, and I thought every actor was amazing. It was one of those situations where the actors looked and acted exactly as I pictured they would when I was reading it (which I love!). Rev. Guinevere pointed out to me that the movie was not inside Bella's head as much as the book. And I have to say, I think that is a very good thing. Bella's head gets kind of tedious after a few paragraphs.

Breaking Dawn: Good or Bad?
Good. Not great, but good. I definitely liked Eclipse better (Eclipse was my favorite in the series). I enjoyed reading it, but my only criticisms are:
A) Renesmee. Are you freaking kidding me? Of all of the cool vampire names you could possibly come up with, you go with Renesmee? Eeew.
B) Stephanie Myer kind of jumped the shark. It seemed like she was breaking a lot of the "rules" she created for this little "vampire universe" that were established in the other books, and things got a little out of control. And then to have all of that crazy build up and then an ending that does not include an epic vampire war was kind of anti-climactic (I wasn't hoping for a big violent scene. Just a slightly more extravagant one.)
C) Lots of random little details that I won't go into right now. Aside from these things, I did actually like the book.

Edward vs. Jacob?
Jacob. I'm sorry all you die-hard Edward fans, but to me it seemed like Jacob was just a better person. When Edward left (which really pissed me off by the way) Jacob was the only one who could make her happy again. And I know Edward was trying to protect her (or whatever) but he should have known that she would completely fall apart without him. Sorry Edward, but you can't break someone's heart and tell them you don't love them and then be surprised when you come back to find that they believed you. That's just crappy behavior right there. Plus, did anyone else notice that Edward never talks about how he feels about Bella AS A PERSON?
He only talks about how addictive her scent is and how "she is his own special brand of heroin." Jacob actually has something in common with her and they are realistically compatible. That's just what I think.
(Plus I find something more appealing about someone who is warm all the time that someone who is cold all the time. I'm just saying...)

Favorite Cullen Boy?
Emmett. Don't ask me why. Just... yeah. Emmett.

Okay. So there it is. An average, typical teenage girl talking about her opinion of Twilight.

I would love to hear your opinions about it as well, but please. If you are going to say anything nasty, don't bother, because I will just delete your comment without reading it. But if you have any contructive criticisms or opinions they are welcome.


Magdalene6127 said...

Thou makest a case most fair for Jacob.

Nice review.

YourOwnCosette said...

I agree..Renesmee is a dumb name..

And I used to be Team Edward..but after reading Breaking Dawn, he get's really I switched. Yay Jacob.

Pittifully me, Jenn said...

Do I know you?