Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Okay, so I know this is a kids movie, but as someone pointed out to me recently, it's part of the jobs for makers of kids movies to make them at least somewhat enjoyable for the adults as well. After all, the parents are the ones who have to take the little kids to see the movie in the first place, take them to see it ten more times if they like it, buy it for them to watch at home and then hear it as background noise for the next 5-10 years. So, as much as I apologized to my parents for the "Rock-a-doodle" phase, I must say this: The Samuel Goldwyn Company should have done better.

So, as a person who very much enjoyed the first "Madagascar" movie, I can honestly say that the sequel is far from disappointing. I would highly recommend it to any person of any age.

Everyone saw the first movie, right? Well, in this film, our favorite escaped zoo animals, who had been partying up a storm in Madagascar with the lemurs (?), try to use a penguin-built plane to get back to the Central Park zoo, but end up plane wrecked in Africa, where Alex the Lion (voiced by Ben Stiller) is reunited with his father (voiced by the late Bernie Mac). However, complications soon arise: An evil competitor lion (Alec Baldwin!!!) is trying to get Alex and his father (who is the alpha-lion) out of the picture, Marty the Zebra (Chris Rock) loses his unique identity when he finds out that all zebras in Africa are exactly the same, Gloria the Hippo (Jada Pinkett-Smith) is in search of a mate and stumbles upon "Moto-Moto" the Hippo (Will.I.Am.) and Melman the Giraffe is secretly in love with Gloria (???).

Oh, and King Julien the Lemur (Sacha Baron-Cohen) is there too. And he rocks. He is pretty much the entire reason this movie is so amazing (and borderline inappropriate for a kids movie.)

So, sound fun? I thought so. But for those of you who remain unconvinced, allow me to repeat myself: KING JULIEN THE LEMUR!!!!!! SACHA BARON-FREAKING-COHEN!!! FLIPPING HYSTERICAL!!!!

Seriously, even though I think all of the voice actors did a fantastic job and the movie was enjoyable as a whole and the plot was entertaining and amusing and enjoyable for the whole family, I would say, if for no other reason, see it just for King Julien's scenes. They will not disappoint. I promise.

Reason number two: The Penguins. They are some of the funniest characters in the entire movie, and they are just.... awesome.

So, yes, even though it was intended for little kids I enjoyed it a lot. So parents, dno't worry. This movie will be at the very least tolerable. And non-parents... it's still a great movie. See it anyway.

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