Friday, December 19, 2008

It won't be long before we'll all be there with snow, snow, snow...

At last, the students pull ahead, current score being: Students-2, Superintendent-1. There were several rumors of lots of snow, and my middle school science teacher (mentioned in a previous post) posted on his website that there was 75% chance of a snow-day, and 100% of early dismissal if there was school.

Well, as I said, he has never been wrong. Even though there wasn't a single flake outside at the time, at 6:00 a.m. every school in the area (including STHS!!!) was closed. Thus every student I know was doing a happy dance. Then, around 11 a.m. the snow started pouring down, 1-2 inches per hour until the early evening. YAYYYY!!!!!

I myself, after sleeping until approximately 10:15 a.m. (ahhhh bliss) had pretty much the perfect Winter's Day. I chillaxed at home alone for a bit while Rev. Guinevere and her "BFF" went christmas shopping. (Even though I have much shopping to do, I was told specifically that I was not permitted to come. Hmmm...I wonder what that could possibly mean...) Then, Rev. Guinevere and I had lunch while watching "Sounds of the Season," a traditional local program that airs on TV every year, consisting of performances by STHS's musical/arts groups. I was in three of them: STHS Concert Choir, STHS Davidge Choir, and a scene from the recent dramatic production of "Steel Magnolias" (I played the role of Truvy. For those of you who know the movie, Truvy was the Dolly Parton role. Bwa-haa-haa!) I thought most of the performances were amazing, but unfortunately, the "Magnolias" scene was not very well done. The synchronization between the audio/visual tracks was off at some parts, making it seem like our mouths kept moving after we stopped talking, like in a Japanese anime cartoon.

Then, whilst we folded laundry, Rev. Guinevere and I watched my favorite Christmas movie: Love Actually. For those of you who have never scene it, I highly recommend it! It is amazing. (Although, it is rated R, for language and *clears throat* "adult content." So I might suggest that slightly younger children don't watch it just yet....)

Then, I made my way through the snow to my Dad's apartment to spend the weekend with "Mr. Brownlow" (Dad), "The Musician" (Dad's girlfriend) and "Olaf" (pet labradoodle named Olaf). We just finished decorating their new, enormous tropical Christmas tree (by that I mean the ornaments were tropical, not the actual tree. Pictures will be posted soon.)

I just loooooove snow days.

HOWEVER: There is one downside. You remember that pesky little cast list that I have been agonizing over??? Well, today was going to be the day that HDT and Mrs. Maestra went to the middle schools to let the wee little ones audition, and then the list would be posted next Monday or Tuesday (because Wednesday we will be out of school for winter break). So, now my guess is that they will do the auditions on Monday, and MAYBE (if HDT has a heart at all and doesn't want his students to kill themselves) they JUST MIGHT put the list up on Tuesday. But, if he is an extremely cruel, indecisive sadist and wants to intentionally put off rehearsals for a few more days (because ideally rehearsals would start right after the holidays since the performances are the first weekend in March), then the list will go up during/after the break.

Please, HDT. PLEASE do a kind deed and put up the list before the break so that the kids (i.e. ME) won't go crazy, and in return maybe someone will write a Dr. Seuss style book about you in which your heart grows so much it breaks the imaginary measuring device. Otherwise, your character will just be green and furry and weird and no one will like you anymore.

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