Thursday, December 11, 2008


It turns out my diabolical plan did work after all! We were released from school at 11:00 today due to upcoming weather problems (and thus the concert was canceled).

So, I am actually a little sad about the concert, but we will be doing it next week instead. I actually have quite a busy little schedule coming up. Tomorrow night, Rev. Guinevere and I are driving to "The City" to see my older brother ("Mr. Baker") performing in a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream (as Snug the Joiner, aka The Lion in Pyramus and Thisbe). Mr. Baker is in his third year at Big City University studying acting. The alias I have given him was the name of one of his first big parts he played in high school, Robert Baker in the musical "Wonderful Town." It was either that, Javert (too dark) or Nachum (not extravagant enough). He pretty much rocks.

Then, on Monday, I audition for "Oliver" at STHS!!! AAAAA! I'm quite a bit nervous. I'm not sure how it is done at other high schools, but the tradition for us is you do two auditions: A choral audition and a lead audition. First all of the auditionees meet with Mrs. Maestra (who will be the music director) and she teaches them an excerpt from one of the choral numbers in the show. Then they are divided into small groups and each group performs the section of the piece for Mrs. Maestra and H.B.M.L.D.T. (Hot Bald Muscular Latino Drama Teacher). After those auditions, then just the people who want to be considered for leads will do a solo audition for them consisting of a brief solo and a monologue. Then Tuesday will be the callbacks for the leads (if necessary).

However, this year things will be a bit different. Since for the show they will be needing several short actors/singers and possibly some boys whose voices haven't changed yet, Maestra and HBMLDT will be taking the auditions to the Small Town Middle Schools to recruit some of the younger students (that was actually how I first performed with the STHS players. When I was in seventh grade they did Les Miserables and they invited Middle Schoolers to audition so I was in the chorus. I did the same in eighth grade when they did "Footloose" and then when I was finally a freshman I was Fraulein Schneider in "Cabaret.") Then after that we will have 1-3 weeks to be in torturous suspense before they post the cast list.

So, I do plan on doing both the lead and choral auditions on Monday. Now I just need to prep my audition solo ("I get a kick out of you" from "Anything Goes") and monologue (a few paragraphs from the play "The Midnight Caller.") I hope to possibly get one of the leads, but considering how few parts there are for girls, I know it is likely that it won't happen (although that was what I thought last year and that worked out better than I expected.) Still I have been in the chorus for these shows before and it is tons of fun.

But for today, I will be at home with Rev. Guinevere, sorting out Christmas decorations, baking things, and possibly watching a fun Christmas movie.

I love the holidays...

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Magdalene6127 said...

Nice work on the snow, Moi! You nailed it! Snow five.

And... you have nothing to worry about, audition wise. Rock, you will.